We provide legal assistance, consultation, representation in the below practice areas.         

Contact: nador@nadorlawoffice.hu


Practice areas


We float your company in one business day.

(Please contact us 3 business days prior the submission in order to prepare the court fee voucher.)

We also amend your company documents in an accelerated procedure and represent your company in court.

Company foundation, company law

We represent you in your divorce suit and other family law related suits.

I have practiced divorce and family law for over thirty years now, so I bring to divorce an understanding of how to negotiate and how to fight in non-contested divorce cases.

Divorce, family law

With the assistance of my colleagues, we represent entities in domestic and international business and trade law-related issues and law suits. We prepare documents in English language.


International business and trade law,  debt management

We represent our clients and guide them through criminal procedures.

Representation in criminal law

Dr. Nádor Éva Attorney at Law


Serving clients since 1976


Real estate law, purchase agreements


We prepare real estate sales agreements with prompt and complete administration.

Succession, last will and testament

Last wills and succession-related agreements and representation are also important parts of my legal practice.